Nova Verta International Spa is world-wide one of the most interesting reality in manufacturing spray-painting equipments with downdraft technology Made in Italy; its name, the acronyms of the Italian words verniciatura (painting), essiccazione (drying), riscaldamento (heating) e trattamento aria (air treatement), traces back to its Tuscan origin with an international breath. A network of expert partners and the continuous research for improvement and development have been contributing to its consecration in the international scene: the elements of its success are the technology and the quality, the internationalization and the distribution network
Our Team
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Nova Verta, over the years, has been developing an unmatched service of design and customization, which has become one of its flagship: every change in size, function, or only in color, compared to the standard, is examined to reflect and forestall the needs of those who choose its installations. Its customers’ satisfaction, all over the world, has a central role in the corporate philosophy, which is expressed in providing high technology products and a quick and efficient service pre and after sales. Nova Verta is able to match, in a balanced way, quality, performances and ethics with its customers’ needs and to establish a very strong synergy between this philosophy and its brand around the world